Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why you should choose us?

We believe uniquely designed wordpress websites to change the world and to help your business grow. It doesn't matter if you do day-to-day tasks, or it’s your full time job. Websites can be used for any age group and any desired skill level. Each site is customized and built with you in mind. Whatever you're trying to accomplish with your website, we try and make it an easy for you.

How long do you need to create a website?

It depends on the number of pages. Generally we take 5 days to design a 5 page basic website.

Is the website responsive?

Yes, the website will be responsive for all kind of devices.

Do you build websites in HTML?

No, we only build websites in WordPress.

Can you build website from Figma or PSD or Adobe XD design?

Yes, we can design your website from Figma or PSD or Adobe XD

What do you need from me?

We need the details of your website. Your business ideas, your contents for the website, let us know the number of pages you need, your domain & hosting logins etc. Contact us for details.

Can you suggest a good & fast hosting service for me?

Sure, contact us today & we can suggest you a good hosting for your website.

Can you duplicate a website for me?

Contact us & show us the website that you want to duplicate for you. We will check out the website & give the correct info.

Which theme & Builder do you use the most?

We prefer Astra Theme & Beaver builder theme & Beaver Builder to build a website.

Freqeuntly asked questions

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